Wednesday, June 25, 2003


The link from Russian website Newsru (thanks to reader B.B.) shows that T.A.T.U.’s message I talked about yesterday is well and widely received. Unbelievable, but true!
UPDATE ON: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

While we're celebrating this and kicking and screaming about this, Russian media reports that Mohammed is actually not even in U.S. custody yet. Pakistani officials are, apparently, speaking with Kuwaiti government first (Mohammed is originalyl from Kuwait), before deciding how to proceed.

Go figure!
Today, I have been mostly trying to effect some cosmetical changes to my blog...oh boy! It's tough to be computer illiterate and attempt to set backgrounds, create borders and most of all-colors!!! All these different colors I can chose from. Does anyone know papayawhip from cornsilk from oldlace? If you do and you're not a painter or an art student, then you're most likely a computer geek.
Well, I think I've played enough with the styles and would like to resume posting my semi-intelligent, self-indulgent & pseudo-intellectual thoughts. Anyway, I feel I can say anything for a couple of reasons:
1. Noone will read it, except for a couple of close friends I had to bribe!
2. It's MY BLOG!!
3. Blogoverse is enormous!!!

Anyway, I got a couple of things on a back burner and will throw them into that void of OverSpill soon.

Monday, March 17, 2003


I have decided to move away from Blog*Spot and get my own domain, etc. I am in the process of moving things over, but please don't hesitate to visit me at my new home:

I will resume regular blogging tonight and will move archives and links gradually...

Sunday, March 16, 2003


From Azores Island summit...

(more to follow).

Saturday, March 15, 2003


Blogger's block-- all weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2003


Yesterday and today will be most likely a bit light, as the markets are handing it to us...I will, however, provide an analysis of what has happened over the past few days in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003


You have to read this to believe it (via Bloomberg):
Berlin, March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Don Johnson, the American star of the 1980s television series ``Miami Vice,'' is under investigation after credit notes and other securities for about $8 billion were found in the trunk of his car, German customs said. Customs officers stopped Johnson and three people a few miles into Germany on Nov. 6 when they drove over the border from Switzerland, Joerg Groener, spokesman for the Customs Investigation Department in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said. ``There's a reasonable suspicion that Mr. Johnson was working for others,'' Groener said. ``If everything is legal, you don't have to transport documents worth this amount in a car.'' The actor and his companions haven't been charged, Groener said. German officials informed U.S. tax and customs authorities and asked for information about the documents, Groener said. Johnson told the officers he was on his way to the Maybach plant of DaimlerChrysler AG, Groener said. It is located outside the city of Stuttgart in Baden-Wuerttemberg, bordering on Switzerland. Johnson, 53, played Sonny Crockett, one half of a detective duo who spent their time busting drug cartels in Miami. Johnson is believed to be back in the U.S., Groener said.

I think $8bn is an inconceivable amount to be had in the trunk!!!


I love this game.


(via World Tribune)

TEL AVIV - The U.S. military has been ordered to launch a war against Iraq on March 18, an Israeli official said in a televised report. Israeli government monitor, Michael Gurdus, reported on late Tuesday that the order was relayed by U.S. Central Command to all American forces in the Persian Gulf. Gurdus told Israel's Channel 2 television that he heard the order being relayed to U.S. fighter-jet pilots and others over U.S. military radio communications he intercepted. Gurdus is regarded as the leading munications monitor in the Middle East and works for Israel radio and television. He has broken numerous stories because of his ability to intercept and understand foreign-language civilian and radio broadcasts and communications. He said the U.S. military, in its radio communications, refers to Iraq as "bad cows" and "kabab", Middle East Newsline reported.

On Monday, Israel's media reported that the United States had demanded that senior Israeli officials stop issuing predictions of when the war would erupt. Israeli defense officials have concluded that the United States plans to strike Iraq after March 17, the deadline set for Iraq to answer questions regarding its missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

Erdogan--a not so subtle newly appointed Turkish PM-- flat out refused yesterday to unconditionally allow US troops and ships on his country's soil:
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, head of the ruling Justice and Development Party and slated to become prime minister on Wednesday, said Ankara must first form a new government, wait for the Security Council and then complete negotiations for U.S. economic and military aid prior to a parliamentary vote. Erdogan said he could not predict when a parliamentary vote would be scheduled, Middle East Newsline reported.

Northern Iraq is in play!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


(via BRIDGE)
WASHINGTON (AP)--A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling that the 600 suspected Taliban and al-Qaida fighters being held in the
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base have no right to hearings in U.S. courts. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the prisoners are aliens being held outside U.S. sovereign territory and therefore aren't entitled to constitutional rights such as being charged with a crime or having access to a lawyer.

The biggest victory for Bush Administrations is seen in the fact that the ruling spans accross categorizations, e.g. apparently one doesn't have to be categorized as an enemy combatant to not have the rights...

I am not a lawyer, so I don't really get that last part. The way I interpret it is that, coupled with a new Patriot Act II, one can be detained with no explanations given and no information divulged. No access to basic rights, etc. Scary...

Looks like our ships didn't waste that time standing by the shores off Turkey in the past month or so...As Abdullah Gul, the "outgoing" Turkey PM makes headway for the Recep-- Tayyip Erdogan-- expectations of a more favorible to America vote abound. Mr. Erdogan is very much in favor of letting the American troops use Turkish soil for launching a second front against Saddam Hussein and is expected to "make changes" in the cabinet. However, after taking the office, the newly formed PM didn't rush into the opened Bush's arms, but rather asked' money, ehhem-- "more assurances" from Washington.

I guess it's back to the good ole sticks and carrots. We feed carrots ($15bn aid package to Turkey) to the good guys and show sticks (no food for N.K.? boycott of French products?) to the bad guys.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

According to UNICEF, North Korea will run out of food supply by June. UNICEF's appeals for more food have not been successfull thus far, as contributors are reluctant to give food. The food levels are on extreme lows, as floods, droughts and famine exhausted North Korea's supply. The largest food contributor (more than half) of food supplies to NK is...America.

So, it looks like North Korean government wants to bite the hand that feeds them...again.